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About Us

A major reason for the TIP Program is to prevent what mental health professionals call the “Second Injury.” The Second Injury is a victim’s perspective that the emergency system did not provide the support needed after a tragic event. Emergency personnel simply do not have the time to provide this support. In Orange County, they call TIP Volunteers who can prevent a second injury. In parts of the county which do not have a TIP Program, second injuries reported by victims are common.

Three Examples of Second Injuries

These are just a sample of the terrible things that can happen to victims in the aftermath of a tragic event. One of TIP’s main goals is to help prevent these second injuries from happening. TIP volunteers are trained to step in to work with staff and responders. For example, victims are given information as to how to contact crime scene cleanup companies and other community services. TIP volunteers also help protect victims against well-meaning friends who mistakenly say the wrong things.

Trauma Intervention Programs Inc. is passionate about including all members of the community in our organization regardless of race, color, creed gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical disability. We believe that every member of the community has the potential to advance our mission by becoming involved as a TIP volunteer, a board member, a donor or a staff person. We strive to make staff and volunteer opportunities known and available to all segments of the community and to create an environment where anyone, from any background, can thrive as part of Trauma Intervention Programs Inc.